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Who We Are

The BIG BANG BALLERS, also known as BIG BANGS and the B(STAR)B’s, is an international NGO, using the game of basketball to fight youth poverty and social disadvantage.

Since 2008, we have run 29 programs across 12 countries, taking care of over 44,000 kids and donating over $280,000.00 to schools, orphanages, youth-led and you-centric not for profits, built basketball courts and classrooms, and developed a team of 80+ volunteers.

We are not seeking to replace other NGOs; we understand the immense task that NGOs undertake, and further value their experience and expertise in delivering aid and running programs targeting poverty from a variety of angles.  Our goal, rather, is to provide an outlet for those children least able to be children.  We seek to remove the inevitable divides between classes and social groups, and instead teach the importance and value of teamwork, as well as the incredible and often surprising benefits that sports has as a unifying and motivating element in an otherwise divided and unmotivated world.

We share our love and respect for the game and its teachings with all the kids we serve; we teach responsibility, loyalty, hard work and dedication, trust in each other and above all, respect towards others and pride in oneself.

We furthermore use the game to motivate young people to further their education, look after their health, support their own communities and become masters of their own fates.

Most of all, we let kids be kids.

Mission Statement

To use the game of basketball to unite children and their communities, overcoming social barriers and stigmas.

To support the work of NGOs and Charities through events, funding and awareness campaigns.

To use the game of basketball to promote healthy lifestyle choices.

To use the game of basketball to encourage the values of the Big Bangs.


For children able to be children, with hope and courage and a sense of self worth, responsibility to each other and their community, and most of all with the capacity to dream big and reach for their goals no matter the obstacles.


Sense of Self.
Sense of Community.
Responsibility to Yourself and Others.
Hard Work and Dedication.
Healthy, responsible lifestyle choices.
Acceptance of other’s beliefs and values.


Overcome social divides .
Develop future leaders .
Teach children to lead healthy, constructive, hopeful lives .

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