Bimberi Youth Justice Program – Australia

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The Bimberi Youth Justice Program is set to start again in CNaberra, Australia on 15 February 2013.

Our Youth Justice Program is a modified version of our Skills Camp, where over the course of 8 weeks, the focus is on the technical aspects of basketball as well as developing the capacity of incarcerated youth to identify positive, effective solutions in both their social interactions and ability to deal with emotional and physical stress.  Aimed at all levels of players, the Program has teamwork, openness and positive attitude taught hand in hand with basketball fundamentals, drills and plays.

A “zero-tolerance” method is used to enforce discipline and positive conduct, with great emphasis on both the collective good and the individual’s responsibility to the group.

For most of the kids involved, it’s a rare opportunity to interact with other youths their age who are neither impressed by nor intimidated by their crimes.

Our Youth Justice Program produces measurable results; decreased aggression, increased capacity to deal with conflict, greater ability to work with others and interact confidently and effectively.

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