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We’re just passed our 5th year. We’ve donated over $300,000AUD to schools and orphanages and shelters.

We’ve taken care of well over 50,000 kids in 12 countries, completed 7 international tours, put together a team of 80 volunteers and run dozens and dozens and dozens of camps and clinics tournaments.

Our teams, both boys and girls, have collectively won over 30 tournaments and championships, to the point where we’ve lost count. We’ve handed out hundreds of pairs of shoes, over 3,000 basketballs, we don’t even know how many thousands of t-shirts, hundreds and hundreds of emergency packs, rice, oil, food and water to communities below sea level and above cloud level.

It’s been an extraordinary ride, and now we’re about to kick it up a notch.

On 28 October 2015 we’re partnering up again with someone special, and 1 November we’re launching a brand new website!

It’s going to be HUGE year in 2016!